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Container Service

For metal collection in Laval, opt for the container service offered by LACOMBE & GIASSON Inc.

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Your metal collection solution in containers in Laval

Need help getting rid of your metal scraps? Simplify your life and take advantage of our services. We collect ferrous and non-ferrous materials using containers ranging from ½ to 60 yards.

We offer a service for collecting old metals for recycling purposes. Upon request, we promptly move for the removal and purchase of industrial metals.

The metal purchase price will be determined based on the value, type, and quantity retrieved.

For your metal collection needs, we have containers ranging from ½ to 60 yards.

Container Service Laval
Our services
  • Metal recycling
  • Metal purchase
  • Metal sales
  • Container service
Our main strengths
  • Environmental respect
  • Usage de machines performantes
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Mastery of recycling processes
Service area
  • Laval

Personalized and efficient container service

For those wishing to sell metal waste, consider our personalized container service. Give a second life to your used metals by using our recovery service.

It's simple, fast, and efficient. By recycling, you contribute to environmental protection. Additionally, you get some money in exchange for metal scraps.

Contact us now for container rentals. We can move within 24 to 48 hours. We offer our services in Laval and the surrounding areas.

Exchange your metals for cash, seek our container service in Laval

Metal collection with containers Laval