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Metal Recycling – Laval

The company LACOMBE & GIASSON Inc. specializes in metal recycling.

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Recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste

We recycle all types of worn metal pieces. Whether ferrous or non-ferrous, metals are reusable and endlessly recyclable materials.

Hence, we collect them to later reprocess and reuse. We recover all metal waste from cutting industries, businesses, etc.

On request, we conduct personalized collection with or without containers within 1 to 2 days. We operate particularly in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore.

We recycle all types of metal pieces.

Metal recycling Laval
Our services
  • Metal recycling
  • Metal purchase
  • Metal sales
  • Container service
Our main strengths
  • Environmental Protection
  • Use of high-performance machines
  • Proactivity
  • High Professionalism
  • Recycling Process Monitoring
Service area
  • Laval
  • Montreal
  • North Shore

Mastery of recycling processes

We have the technical expertise and complete equipment for sorting and recycling metals. We master all necessary techniques to effectively valorize metal scraps.

Environmentally conscious, our mission is to contribute to reducing polluting waste.

Feel free to ask us about the value of the metal objects you possess. We buy them at the fairest price.

We work in respect of the environment.

Recycling of metals Laval