Specialists in recycling, purchase and on sale in metals

Metal recycling

Are you looking for a metal recycling company in Laval?

Contact Lacombe et Giasson.

We recycle all types of metal parts

We can recycle all types of metals and parts.

The materials will be entirely transformed and can be re-used by companies in the packing, alloy manufacturing and mechanical industries…

Upon request, we can arrange a personalized collection with or without containers within a 1 to 2-day timeframe.

Our work is carried out with environmental consciousness.

The collection is handled within a 1 to 2-day timeframe

Metal recycling in Laval
Metal recycling in Montreal

We work primarily for the die-cutting industry

We buy all metals deriving from the die-cutting industry.

We operate in Terrebonne (North Shore of Montreal) and on a 30 km radius from our office.

From the collection to the recycling and the sorting, tap-into our metal recycling expertise.

We collect unusable metal waste

3 good reasons to contact us:

  • Use of high-tech machines and equipment
  • Speedy services
  • Availability

Get in touch with is for all your metal recycling projects!

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